15 July 2018

Hurry Now! Registration For The NEO Game Development Competition Is Still On

The NEO Game Development Competition was established by NEO to boost the NEO Gaming Community with blockchain-based virtual games. The competition was created to give members of the NEO community that are newbies or experienced game developers a chance to submit their developed games and earn a reward for their efforts.

Registration for the NEO Game Development Competition commenced on the 1st of May, 2018 with the deadline for interested game development teams scheduled for the 15th of August, 2018. This means that there is still one full month left for interested participants to submit their blockchain-based game entries.  

The NEO platform has provided game developers with sufficient resources that will enable them churn out inspiring blockchain-based virtual games and in the process contribute to the building of the NEO Gaming Community which would draw more people to the NEO ecosystem and hasten its continued growth and development.

At the moment NEO is still entertaining entries right up to the deadline in the middle of August. The rules for the submission of game entries still stand and participants are reminded that…

  • no entries will be entertained after the 15th of August, 2018 submission deadline.
  • all entries will be assessed after the deadline with the announcement of winners made before the end of August.
  • each game entry should be developed with blockchain technology.
  • each submitted entry should come with an installation package, game address and web link.
  • the smart contract source code of all entries should be made available on GitHub.
  • game entries should be accompanied by a tutorial video explaining what the respective game entry is all about.
  • every game entry should be accompanied by a minimum of five screenshots of the game.
  • all game entries are expected to be original works.
  • any game developing team that already has an existing virtual game, can submit their game, provided it has been modified with blockchain technology.

39 Awards Available For Winners!

The NEO Game Development Competition has a total of 39 awards available for winners and the value of the GAS prize pool is ¥3,500,000. A breakdown of all the awards and their respective prizes are stated below;

  • Best Game Award: ¥800,000
  • Blockchain Award: ¥500,000
  • Art Award: ¥500,000
  • Game Creativity Award: ¥200,000
  • Most Popular Award: ¥200,000
  • Business Value Award: ¥200,000
  • Visual Effects Award: ¥200,000
  • Design Effects Award: ¥200,000
  • Technical Effects Award: ¥200,000
  • Excellence Award: ¥30,000
  • Finalist Award: ¥10,000

NEO has stated that the Finalist Award will be reviewed every week up until the deadline. According to NEO this will be done to encourage much more participation in the NEO Game Development Competition.

NEO therefore invites members of its community to join in discussions on their game competition via the NEO Discord Channel (#neo-game-competition). According to NEO, there is a possibility that interested members of their community can find game development teammates on the Discord Channel.

NEO Blockchain – A Platform For Decentralised Applications

NEO blockchain has provided a globally distributed, transparent, open sourced scalable platform in which decentralised applications (dApps) can be built and fully operational to solve specific real-world use cases. The NEO token is an indivisible utility token that fuels smart contracts on the NEO blockchain.

It can be utilised to generate GAS (another indivisible token) as well as other NEP-5 cryptocurrencies. NEO is building a Smart Economy in which everyone from around the world can freely trade in problem solving dApps in a peer-to-peer (P2P) way and with no centralised control or third party regulation.

You can follow NEO on Twitter to get updates on the NEO Game Development Competition. NEO further invites all members of its community to help in developing the NEO Game Ecosystem.


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