27 July 2018

Trinity Protocol Attends NIFTY Blockchain Gaming Conference

David Li, the Founder of Trinity Protocol was at the just concluded NIFTY Blockchain Gaming Conference that was held between the 24th and 26th of July, 2018 at Cyberport, Hong Kong. At the conference David Li gave a lecture titled – “Blockchain Gaming Landscape in China.”

Blockchain Gaming Landscape in China - Neo for Beginners

Blockchain Gaming Landscape in China – Neo for Beginners

The lecture was in two parts, the first part was called “Traditional Giants” and it basically examined blockchain-designed games such as CryptoPuppies (by Baidu), NetEase Planet, Duyuzhou (by Baidu) and Let’s Hunt Monsters (by Tencent) developed by traditional internet-based companies.

For the second part of the lecture titled – “Blockchain Startups”, David Li examined Neo World, The Wild Era and Cell Evolution which are blockchain-based games developed by startup blockchain companies.

Ever since CryptoKitties first came into the blockchain gaming limelight in 2017, it opened the floodgates for a sizeable number of gaming trials that were launched by both blockchain startups and the more traditional internet-based corporate entities.

It must be mentioned that blockchain games were developed by three of the more traditional internet-based companies that make up BATX (i.e. Baidu, NetEase, Tencent and Xiaomi), but the results were not impressive. David Li had stated in his lecture that it seemed like the main goal of these traditional internet-based companies was to promote their primary financial services or to just test the market with the release of their games.

Blockchain Startups-Neo for beginners

Blockchain Startups-Neo for beginners

According to him, these more traditional internet-based companies failed to invest significant resources towards ensuring that their blockchain games would be successful, rather they invested their resources towards what they perceived as being more profitable ventures and this invariably made their games less valuable as genuine blockchain gaming products.

David Li also stated that these traditional internet-based companies were reluctant to reveal the blockchain platform they utilised or intend using for their games as well. He further revealed that when compared to blockchain startups, the difference is quite clear as these startups have a genuine understanding of what their establishment and operational goals are.

For the blockchain startups the blockchain platform on which their games are built is fully disclosed. While Cell Evolution is driven by Nebulas, majority of the blockchain games are powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Blockchain startups understand how ICO and blockchain technology function, so they are in a better position to speedily adopt a token economy as well as to execute smart contracts.

Nevertheless, the seemingly hurried development of their blockchain games have left both their game content and overall game quality in dire need of modification as they fall below the expectations of the blockchain and gaming community.

David Li proposed that both the traditional internet-based companies and blockchain startups should fully adopt the blockchain-based economic mechanism which have a huge bearing in the real-world. In the Trinity Network roadmap, they revealed their pilot blockchain gaming project which they call the “World of Blockchain”.

World of Blockchain-Neo for beginnersa

World of Blockchain-Neo for beginnersa

The “World of Blockchain” will serve as the Trinity state channel first ever testbed. This blockchain game by Trinity Protocol will see Trinity state channels involved in the processing of all the micro-transactions in the blockchain game while ensuring a user-friendly gaming platform.

Finally, with the NIFTY Blockchain Gaming Conference done and dusted, the Trinity core team had a renewed determination to ensure the continued development of their ecosystem into something more than just simply a scaling protocol. By entering into the world of blockchain gaming, Trinity is on the verge of developing an ecosystem that will fully embrace the needs of a large number of people.

If you want to learn more about Trinity Protocol, you can check out their official website, you can also get recent updates from their social media channels of Twitter, Telegram Announcement Channel, GitHub and Reddit.

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