02 August 2018

THEKEY TKY Token To Be Listed On LATOKEN Exchange Soon

TKY/LA And TKY/ETH Pairs Will Be Available On LATOKEN

THEKEY recently announced that their TKY token will be listed on the LATOKEN Exchange any time soon. As a matter of fact, the deposit of the TKY token started on the 1st of August, 2018 (Wednesday) at (GMT+03:00) while trading will commence on the 3rd of August, 2018 (Friday) at (GMT+03:00).

Users will also be able to trade the following pairs – TKY/LA and TKY/ETH on the LATOKEN Exchange. If you want to start making deposits on the LATOKEN Exchange, you can do so right here.

THEKEY – Securing The Future With Identity Verification Technology (IDV)

THEKEY is a big data and blockchain powered Identity Verification Technology (IDV) platform designed to develop highly secure digitalised identities for the immediate and distant future.

At this present point in time, the project team of THEKEY is fast creating a Blockchain driven Dynamic Multidimensional Identification (BDMI) along with the Identification Verification (IDV) tool by utilising government authorised Personal Identifiable Information (PII). Users under the THEKEY Ecosystem can engage in smart contracts involving the use of TKY which is the native token of THEKEY.

LATOKEN Exchange

LATOKEN is a cryptocurrency exchange that is fast gaining popularity as an exchange that helps to boost the liquidity of newly released cryptocurrencies. Some of the features of LATOKEN Exchange include;

  • There are over 90 cryptocurrency pairs available for trading on the LATOKEN Exchange.
  • The number of active traders on the LATOKEN Exchange is over 70,000 and this number is rising on a daily basis.
  • LATOKEN Exchange offers comparatively low trading as well as withdrawal fees.
  • New trading pairs are added to the LATOKEN Exchange on a weekly basis.
  • Users of the LATOKEN Exchange are allowed to take part in both the presale and crowdsale phases of selected cryptocurrencies on the exchange.

Finally, you can obtain more information about the TKY listing on LATOKEN from the official website of THEKEY. You can also check out the different social media channels of THEKEY for updates, these include; Telegram, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter and YouTube.

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