04 August 2018

NEO Global Development Releases Progress Report For July, 2018

CoZ Voted As Consensus Node On NEO MainNet

In order to develop a monitor page that is specifically meant for consensus nodes, NEO Global Development or NGD played host to a “development challenge”. The completion of the monitor page witnessed the voting of the City of Zion (CoZ) as a consensus node on the NEO MainNet.

According to NGD, the inclusion of CoZ as a consensus node on the NEO MainNet is a vital move towards the decentralisation drive of the NEO blockchain from a technical point of view as CoZ is considered to be the largest development community on the NEO platform.  

Presently Fenbushi Capital and KPN are consensus nodes operating on the TestNet, it is believed that their migration to the MainNet will give NEO more political decentralization leverage. However, NEO encouraged the launch of public RPC nodes by both NEO based projects and other development communities.

Since the status of consensus nodes can only be attained through voting, by launching public RPC nodes that have speedy upgrades and a very decent uptime, those wishing to become consensus nodes will have a very good case when they lobby to become consensus nodes. NEO Foundation also made it quite clear that their voting power is not as potent as many media outlets would like people to believe.

NEO Foundation further stated that the number of consensus nodes will be calculated from the weighted average on the mid-50% of the votes. In determining the total number of consensus nodes, both the bottom and top 25% of outliers are not relevant. The outcome of the voting of the consensus nodes will be influenced by the volume of NEO tokens in circulation.

However, the NEO Foundation also said that they will keep on voting in a way that truly expresses their opinion on what is deemed as the ideal form of decentralisation from both a political and technical point of view.

Update On NEO 3.0

Erik Zhang a core developer and founder of NEO stated in a blog post that apart from the NEO 3.0 being a completely new platform, it will be specifically designed for “large scale enterprise use cases” in which greater stability, TPS and also data storage on a large scale will be the norm.

With the NEO 3.0, the execution of large scale enterprise use cases will be supported on the NEO blockchain and this will further edge the network towards the actualization of a truly smart economy. Click on this GitHub link to view every submitted NEO 3.0 proposal by members of the NEO community.

The Neo-sharp Project

The neo-sharp project was presented to NEO by seven developers of CoZ. Since March of this year, the developers have been fast at work on the modular neo-sharp project which is a brand “new node implementation” that offers a much higher cohesion and less coupling than the current version in operation on the MainNet.

The neo-sharp ensures quicker innovation on autonomous modules, faster debug, much better test coverage, simpler distribution of work and optimizations. The research and development (R&D) team of NGD worked with CoZ in the development of neo-sharp for a period of 14 days to ensure mutual knowledge sharing and that the goals of the project were in-sync with the overall goals of the NEO ecosystem.

NEO Game Competition And Strategic Partnership Update

In July 2018, there were more than 200 game developer teams that registered their interest in the NEO Game Competition. As part of the NEO Game Incentive Plan, a weekly Nominee Award will see newly submitted entries get selected for the award starting from the month of July.

In July there were 13 game developer teams that secured the Nominee Award. If you interested in taking part in the NEO Game Competition, you can go to this link right here. July was also the month in which NEO entered into a strategic alliance with CertiK, which is a formal verification network providing ample security for smart contract.

CertiK will provide NEO with a fully customised digital identity verification and digital assets solution to ensure that both the developmental pace and security of the NEO ecosystem are bolstered.

July Event Roundup

There were a series of events that were either organised by NEO or were attended by the top echelon of NEO. Some of these events include the following;

  • 1st of July: The NEO Workshop was held in Osaka, Japan.
  • 11th of July: Da Hongfei delivered a keynote speech at the 2018, China Internet Conference held in Beijing, China.
  • 13th of July: Da Hongfei also delivered a keynote speech at the 2018, Blockchain Innovation Conference held in Chongqing, China.

In Closing

According to NGD there has been a number of false rumors concerning NEO being peddled around by some members of the community. These rumors are being addressed head-on by core members of the NEO team. If you want to keep up on nagging questions from members of the NEO community with answers coming directly from Da Hongfei and Erik Zhang, you can visit the NEO Reddit Channel here.

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