09 August 2018

QLC Chain Bi-Weekly Progress Report #011

Multidimensional Block Lattice Structure Participation

QLC Chain stated in their bi-weekly progress report #011 that they have sent emails to the first batch of 50 participants who will participate in test running the QLC Chain Multidimensional Block Lattice Structure. All 50 participants will get to test run the Explorer and Wallet.

Participants are therefore advised to adhere to the instructions that will be sent with the email in order to fully experience the features of the structure. QLC Chain also stated that anyone in the community interested in checking out the Multidimensional Block Lattice Structure can send them a message via their Telegram channel or send their questions and comments to their Subreddit.

WinQ Update

The WinQ VPN was launched last week on iOS. QLC Chain also launched WinQ v1.2.7 for Android devices and it is currently available on Google Play Store. The User Interface (UI) for WinQ has been modified with brand new features added. Users can also make use of the dApp without creating a wallet as QLC Chain has provided three VPN connections FREE of charge.

It is the hope of QLC Chain that the free VPN connections will make their dApp more attractive to crypto and non-crypto users alike. There is also a brand new algorithm that has been implemented for the ranking of VPN assets in the back end; you can learn more about this algorithm right here.

What’s more, QLC Chain has stated that the WinQ VPN will be handed over to the core community. They also said that WinQ is stable and ready for the community development and operational phase which is in line with their vision of seeing the WinQ become truly an open sourced dApp. WinQ is now be in the care of the PlayBlockz Collective Developer Community and they are in charge of its development as well as operation.

Once WinQ was in the care of PlayBlockz, it commenced a programme to reward the 10 best VPN assets. The ranking of the WinQ VPN assets is determined by the number of connections that are successful. The rules for WinQ operators is available right herealso the official website of WinQ has gone live. The website provides users with access to FAQs, user guides amongst other features.

 official website of WinQ-Neo for Beginners

official website of WinQ-Neo for Beginners

Media Coverage Update

Allen Li was quoted in a publication in the South China Morning Post, the article focused on the merits of Chinese telecom companies utilising blockchain technology. There was also an article on blockchain technology published by Sing Tao Daily, this publication had a special feature on WinQ.

CryptoNinja which is a crypto media outlet had two WinQ articles published. In the first published article, an update of the WinQ algorithm was featured while in the second published article, the transfer of the development and operation of WinQ to PlayBlockz was prominently featured.

In Closing

QLC Chain also added three new members to their core team. The first is Zhan Chen who will head the product development team and the others are Liang S. Huang and Peiqing W. Cao. If you want more information about QLC Chain you can visit the WinQ website and join their social media channels that include – Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, iOS Github and Android Github.

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