10 August 2018

NEO’s Thought Leaders Are Setting The Record Straight!

‘Honeycomb Finance’ recently released an exclusive interview with Da Hongfei, and both Erik Zhang and Jun Li (Ontology) have come out with statements surrounding some of the FUD that has been surrounding NEO and Ontology lately. For those who have missed some of it, we’d like to help clear up some of the confusion and focus on some of the main takeaways.

AMA with Erik Zhang and Da Hongfei

Earlier this week, we reported and discussed some of the excerpts that had come out of the AMA with Da Hongfei and Erik Zhang. The AMA, which was held on the NEO Reddit channel was intended to address any and all questions that the NEO community might have regarding the project. Da Hongfei and Erik Zhang used the opportunity to set the record straight with regards to the rumors that Da Hongfei and many other developers had left NEO in favor of Ontology. Da Hongfei stated that, if anything, the number of people switching over to Ontology was closer to zero. He also confirmed that he was still very much involved in the technological and management decisions of NEO and had no plans to leave NEO. You can read the full Q&A session here.

Jun Li, Founder Of Ontology interviewed on ‘Token Tank’

The founder of Ontology was recently invited on the new youtube show ‘Token Tank’ which was hosted by Youtube crypto celebrities Cyptozombie, Chico Crypto, Cryptonauts and Crypto Lark. They asked the hard questions and Jun Li did not blink in this ‘live interview’ as he immediately squashed the rumors explaining that most of Ontology’s developers actually come from ‘Onchain’. He furthermore explained that most of NEO’s developers actually come from the community itself.

Da Hongfei addresses Chinese media 

In an exclusive interview with ‘Honeycomb Finance’, Da Hongfei addressed the issue again. He explained that while he is not directly involved in the day to day work at Ontology, he does indirectly have an influence on the strategic direction. In order to understand this, one should note that Da Hongfei is also founder and CEO at Onchain.

Da Hongfei went on explaining that the misconception that Ontology would be some kind of NEO 2.0 is a serious misunderstanding. To do that, he essentially repeated what we had already learned from Jun Li’s statements regarding the essential difference between Ontology’s developers which mostly come from Onchain and NEO’s developers which are all connected with NEO Global Development (NGD) and funded by the NEO foundation. The NEO developer community is being represented by different hubs across the world; the United States, Europe (City of Zion), China (Neweconolabs – NEL), Brazil (NeoResearch), and so on. Hongfei also confirmed that there is no executive overlap between Ontology and NEO.

So where does the confusion come from?

Sure, the founders of Ontology and NEO obviously know each other very well. They founded Onchain together and are likely to cooperate and support each other. If anything, Ontology, Onchain, and NEO are just parts of a grander vision. In the words of Da Hongfei himself:

Ontology is a public chain project that focuses on identity and data exchange. The connection between Ontology and NEO is that they use a unified smart contract system to share an ecosystem and form a big ecosystem.

I think it has been quite clear for any outside observer that that NEO’s development team is very much decentralized and that only a smaller group of developers is working at the side of Erik Zhang. Erik actually addressed this on Chinese Television recently when discussing the road to NEO 3.0. There is no new information here! We have always known that Da Hongfei founded Onchain together with Jun Li and others. The NEO founder has never hidden the fact that he sees NEO and Ontology and Onchain as efforts which are meant to fulfill part of a larger vision in which he obviously believes. So if the information hasn’t changed, why did the narrative change?

One can only wonder where these rumors are coming from. The same can be said from the latest ‘spam attacks’ on the NEO Network. Whether these facts are related is yet unknown.

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