14 August 2018

NEO Invites Community Members To Contribute To The Development Of NEO 3.0

This is a great opportunity for members of the NEO community looking to contribute one way or another to the development of the forthcoming NEO 3.0 as the Director of Marketing & Community Operations of NEO blockchain, Caterina (Keke) Zhang cordially invited both developers and non-developers alike to join in on NEO’s GitHub or Discord channels to make their telling contributions to the theming project. Below is a screenshot of the Twitter Post by Caterina Zhang dated 14th August, 2018 (Tuesday) at 4:50 am.

Post by Caterina Zhang-Neo for Beginners

Post by Caterina Zhang-Neo for Beginners

You can join the Discord by accepting the invite when you click on this link right from the Twitter Post. A screenshot of the Discord invite page can also be seen below.

Invite page-Neo for Beginners

Invite page-Neo for Beginners

Updates To NEO 2.X And NEO 3.0

Caterina (Keke) Zhang provided a list of updates required for NEO 2.X and NEO 3.0, these updates are as follows;

For NEO 2.X:

  • Update to the node (i.e. neo-go, neo-sharp and so on).
  • On the token standards, resolution of the NEP-5 related problems and the NFT standard should be considered.
  • Update to anti-spam mechanisms (i.e. PoW, transaction fees and so on).
  • Provision of additional NeoVM compilers (i.e. a new language support and a Solidity compiler should be considered).  
  • Update to NEO 2.X with NeoX, NeoFS, NeoQS and so on.

For NEO 3.0:

  • Update to the voting system.
  • Update to NeoVM with HyperVM placed under consideration.
  • Update to the pricing model (i.e. system fees).
  • Improvement of the consensus with dBFT updates or consideration for other alternative mechanisms.
  • Update to tokenomics (NEO indivisibility should be sustained with improvements made to GAS distribution and so on)
  • The documentation for smart contracts and the core infrastructure should be improved.

Caterina Zhang informed the NEO community that they are free to include any item that may not be stated in the list above and that the development of these items do not have to follow any particular sequence.

The development of the items stated can be done at the same time with the overall objective being the development of NEO 3.0 which according to her is the expected milestone. On a final note, there is currently an ongoing debate and discussions being held on the items listed above on the NEO GitHub page.

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