15 August 2018

Jarvis + Redefining Community With AI

Jarvis + prides itself as a “decentralised service of conversation” in any App, webpage or even IM; it is a private token assistant and also a potent AI-based conversation. It aims to completely transform the way users utilise blockchain as well as smart contracts by ensuring that interaction in done in natural languages that will enable virtually everyone make use of blockchain technology without any reservation.

In effect Jarvis + will bring blockchain projects closer to the community and also the community closer to blockchain projects that are built to provide blockchain-based solutions to real-world problems.

The Strength Of The AI Conversation Engine

The AI conversation engine of Jarvis + is capable of supporting both mainstream and social platform applications. Jarvis + will take charge of a majority of community-based operations as long as simple setups and the initial training sets are prepared by a blockchain team.

Jarvis + Promotes The integration Of Blockchain And The Internet Community

With Jarvis + the internet community can readily integrate with blockchain while being completely free from bothering about the somewhat strenuous smart contract details. A typical example is that members of the internet community are able to utilise at anytime, text or human language to publish those tasks that will be automatically transformed to smart contracts. With the human language in use, other community members can be encouraged to participate as they fully understand the smart contract contents.

With human language, traders will be able to interact with Jarvis + and they will be capable of finding out the value of a specific digital asset or cryptocurrency. Traders can execute transactions using the best possible price while being able to use push messages to send details of the transaction’s progress as well as current results.

Jarvis + Dual Token System

Jarvis + comes with a dual token system comprising of the JarvisPlus Coin or JAR and JarvisPlus Gas or JPG. The JAR was created for use in the Jarvis + ecosystem and the total amount of JAR created is 600 million with a minimum unit of 0.000000001. In comparison to Bitcoin, JAR will be less expensive and more efficient as it uses DPOS as against the Proof-of-Work (PoW) mechanism adopted by Bitcoin.   

On the other hand JPG has a 600 million total maximum cap was created as a fuel token to attain resource control for Jarvis + Eco. In order to utilise Jarvis + services, the JPG token will have to be utilised and it will be redistributed as rewards to holders of JAR tokens. Just like JAR, JPG has a minimum unit equivalent to 0.000000001. If you want to learn more about Jarvis + you can do so by perusing through their Whitepaper.

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