15 August 2018

nOS Open Internet – Introducing Decentralised Applications To The Masses!

nOS project recently announced that they had over 60 decentralized applications that are being built on the nOS platform. Their discord channel is very active and their TGE (Token Generation Event) is around the corner. nOS also reposted their ‘Amsterdam’ video presentation recently and we find it inspiring every time we have a look at it. Reasons enough to revisit the nOS project and their concept of a new, open and transparent internet.

What is nOS project?

The nOS project is building a virtual operating system powered by the NEO Smart Economy. nOS would work somewhat like a chrome browser and chrome store in one. Today, decentralized applications are sometimes very hard to use and all of the competing token ecosystems are making it extra hard for non-technical users to onboard as they need to use so many different utility tokens. The nOS operating system would include an automatic token exchange service incorporated, allowing users to interact with any nOS decentralized application (NEP-5 token) using GAS only.

nOS is expected to launch its mainnet version, nOS 1.0 in 2019. Developers interested in building their decentralized applications are encouraged to check out the nOS documentation here.

What is the nOS vision for the future? THE OPEN INTERNET

nOS identifies that we are involuntarily connected with conglomerates instead of being connected with each other. Whether we send each other text messages, share pictures, browse the web based on our interest, or pay each other, we always have to do it through centralized services.

nOS really did a great job at creating a video introduction describing this and I invite you to check out the video for yourself if you haven’t seen it before. One of the core descriptions describing today’s problems with our closed internet is this summarized in this quote that we transcribed from the video.

when we share data, they get it first, when we talk, ‘what we say’ goes through ‘them’ first, when we pay each other, we pay them first

nOS Project Neo Blockchain

nOS Project – Video Presentation

So yes! CEO Dean Van Dugteren is right in our opinion. If we continue to allow these middlemen to feed on our ‘human transactions’ and allow them to own our rights to interact, and connect with each other we are setting ourselves up for failure. Humanity deserves to move towards an open permissionless society.

Why should we ask permission from a bank to buy a glass of water, groceries, etc…? You might not think about it, but that is exactly what we do whenever we use our credit cards. Why should we accept ‘Facebook’s simple apology for misusing our data for years? Why should we tolerate Youtube’s censorship? The truth of the matter is that most of the people are not tuned in to these abuses, and those who are, simply haven’t seen a viable alternative yet.

Decentralization and blockchain are about to offer us an alternative and the nOS:// protocol is opening the door towards creating an internet where you own your data and where applications can choose to have a transparent code so that you as a user can know exactly what is going on behind the scenes.

At the same time, blockchain ensures that you are the only one capable of editing your content, basically eradicating the capability of centralized parties to engage in unilateral censorship of your content, opinions.

In closing 

The nOS project is being built on the NEO blockchain and is entrenched within the NEO community, which bodes well for its survival chances. The team is stacked with City of Zion developers, has backing from NEO’s founder Da Hongfei and is set to provide an essential part of the NEO ecosystem. So, there is a lot to look forward to, if you consider that the next wave of ‘crypto craze’ will all be about onboarding the non-tech user. Having a one-stop shop where you can start your decentralized application journey is essential! It should not be more complicated than using your ‘android apps’, chrome store extensions, and so on. While they still have a lot to prove, we support this project fully here at Neonbeginner.com You can find more information on their website at nOS.io

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