15 August 2018

Ontology Now In the SlowMist Zone

On the 14th of August, 2018 Ontology announced that it had joined the “SlowMist Zone Bug Bounty Programme”. By settling in the SlowMist Zone, Ontology has now issued it’s “Security Vulnerability and Threat Intelligence Bounty Program”.

In this program there are “Vulnerability Reward Standards” consisting of SlowMist reward and Ontology reward. These reward standards come in a variety of levels that include; Low, Medium, High and Critical with Ontology and SlowMist giving out various rewards to hackers based on the vulnerability level for which solutions are provided.  

Hackers providing solutions under the critical security vulnerability level will receive the highest ONG as well as SLOWMIST for their efforts while hackers under the low security vulnerability level will earn much less. Below is a breakdown of the “Vulnerability Reward Standards”.

  • For resolving Critical Security Level Issues: The critical security level issues are those vulnerabilities in the core business structure which also comprise of control systems that are capable of managing a huge volume of systems. They consist of the field control, fortress machine and core control system. Hackers will earn 6,400 ONG and 512 SLOWMIST for their contributions towards resolving critical vulnerability issues.
  • For solving High Security Level vulnerabilities: These are vulnerabilities that can be detrimental to users on a large scale and comprise of source code leakage and storage XSS amongst others. Hackers will be rewarded with 3,200 ONG and 256 SLOWMIST for their respective contributions.
  • By providing solutions to Medium Security Level Issues: Hackers will be rewarded with 1,600 ONG and 100 SLOWMIST.
  • While for dealing with Low Security Level Concerns: Hackers will earn 320 ONG and 32 SLOWMIST.
Blockchain Ecosystem Security Zone-Neo for Beginners

Blockchain Ecosystem Security Zone-Neo for Beginners

For more information on the scope, you can visit this link right here. Note that SLOWMIST is an ERC20 token as well as the native token of the SlowMist Zone.

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