16 August 2018

ZEEPIN Announces Launch Of MainNet, ZPT/Gala Mapping And GalaBox Giveaway

It may interest you to know that the launch of the ZEEPIN MainNet has been slated for the 31st of August, 2018 (Friday). The launch of the ZEEPIN MainNet is set to promote the evolution of both creative and cultural Industries.

There are two native cryptocurrencies that will exist in the ZEEPIN ecosystem with each performing specific functions, these cryptocurrencies are ZPT and Gala. Users can trade with the ZPT while Gala will serve as a utility token which will fuel the ecosystem and be used for back end transactions.

Both Gala and ZPT are presently NEP-5 cryptocurrencies and according to ZEEPIN they will be drafted into the genesis block prior to the ZEEPIN MainNet launch. As soon as the ZEEPIN MainNet has been officially launched, it is expected that the mapping of both Gala and ZPT from NEP-5 to the ZEEPIN MainNet will take place.

The estimated mapping block height is 2670670 which is an approximated representation of the block height in real-time between the 28th and 29th of August, 2018 and the mapping is expected to be concluded by the 5th of September, 2018.

Mapping Guidelines For Gala And ZPT Holders

  • Where assets are stored in a NEP-5 based wallet by an individual, such a person will be able to have their Gala and ZPT mapped into the ZEEPIN MainNet through the brand new ZeeWallet. All an individual needs to do is to gain access to the ZeeWallet with the use of their private key.
  • For those individuals that have ZPT stored in exchanges that support the token swap, they do not need to act in any way. The cryptocurrency exchanges that will support the mapping include; Gate, KuCoin and Lbank. However, any individual that has their ZPT stored up in exchanges other than the three mentioned above, will have to transfer their ZPT to a NEP-5 wallet or any of the three supporting cryptocurrency exchanges. Individuals will not be able to retrieve their ZPT after the block height is attained if they fail to transfer it to the supporting exchanges or NEP-5 wallet.
  • Any individual that has stored their ZPT in a cold wallet will be unable to gain access to the private key. To receive mapped ZPT from the ZEEPIN MainNet, such an individual needs to transfer their ZPT stored in a cold wallet to the supporting crypto exchanges as stated earlier or to a NEP-5 wallet with the use of a backup private key before the attainment of block height 2670670.
  • Users will be able to gain access to those Gala and ZPT locked up or staked in GalaBox, GalaHub and CryptoGalaxy. Individuals will not be allowed to deposit their tokens once the block height (2670670) is attained.

2nd Round GalaBox Giveaway Has Commenced!

ZEEPIN announced via a Twitter Post on the 15th of August, 2018 at 6:24 pm that the 2nd round of their GalaBox giveaway would commenced on the 16th of August, 2018 (Thursday). Interested participants are required to lock-up 5250 ZPT in order to receive their GalaBox and once they have the GalaBox they can begin earning Gala. If you want to learn more about this fantastic opportunity, you can click on this link. A screenshot of the Twitter Post by ZEEPIN can be seen below.

ZEEPIN announced-Neo for Beginners

ZEEPIN announced-Neo for Beginners

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