17 August 2018

Announcement! Ryu Coin Releases Beta Game (Slime Soccer) On NEO TestNet

Ryu Coin your crypto developed to enable video game players to wager on themselves (i.e. skill based bets) whenever they are engaged in competition against other players, has only recently announced that their Beta game has been launched on NEO TestNet. According to Ryu Coin, the launch of their Beta game on NEO TestNet is part of their submission to the much coveted NEO.game competition.

Learn How To Play The Ryu Coin Beta Game On NEO TestNet

  • The first thing you have to do in order to play the Beta game on the NEO TestNet is to create your own NEO wallet. Where you do not have a NEO wallet, Ryu Coin advises that you make use of the Neon or O3 Wallet.
  • Next, you have to fill out a form and you can get this form right here. Your NEO wallet address is one of the requirements on the form. Note that the Ryu Coin Beta game is presently on iTunes.
  • You then have to go to the release section of Github to have the “Home Base App” downloaded.
  • In the “Home Base App” you should have a minimum of 5 TestNet Ryu Coins deposited, if you want to play one game of “Slime Soccer”.  
  • Once on the “Slime Soccer” gaming application visit “Ryu Match” after which you should click on the “Join” button in the “Home Base App”. As soon as a player joins you in the “Slime Soccer” game, you may commence a game against the player.

You can watch a video of the Ryu Coin Beta game submitted to NEO.game competition right here.

All You Need To Know About Ryu Coin Beta Game – Slime Soccer!

Ryu Coin Beta Game-Neo for Beginners

Ryu Coin Beta Game-Neo for Beginners

  • The “Slime Soccer” is a really exciting, addictive casual sports video game that has been designed for iOS users. “Slime Soccer” is a part of the much heralded NEO.game competition and on Github it is currently open sourced.
  • Ryu Coin is a token that is presently on the NEO TestNet at (0x8624e2b43f913ce65349115cabdaab1339914377). It is also possible for you to get some Ryu Coins for FREE when you sign up right here.
  • SlimeVault is also on the NEO TestNet at (0x9cc80115f4a44863894957c61ec47d5731428097). The SlimeVault is the Ryu Vault Smart Contract (i.e. the Alpha Version). You can find out more in the Ryu Coin White Paper. The smart contract was created with the use of neo-boa and neo-python, on GitHub it is currently open sourced and its primary job is to take care of every match and bet placed.  
  • The Home Base App was developed with keytar, Electron, Cognito, AWS and Neon-js. This app allows gamers to deposit as well as withdraw their funds to the Ryu Vault Smart Contract. It also acts as a sort of central hub that effectively communicates with the vault. On GitHub you can now access the Linux, MAC and Windows desktop versions.

Ryu Coin Plans More Integration By Q4

Finally, while betting with Ryu Coin is only possible in Slime Soccer (Beta) at this point in time. The plan is to have it integrated to other games like Guardian Earth HD, Infinity Loop and AXE.IO by the fourth quarter of 2018 when it would have been launched on MainNet. If you want a comprehensive list of the games that Ryu Coin will be integrated into by Q4 of 2018, check out the game section of their official website right here.

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