17 August 2018

The Phantasma Art/Illustration Competition Is On

On the 14th of August at precisely 11:59 am UTC, the Phantasma Art/Illustration Competition commenced. The contest is expected to end at exactly 11:59 am UTC on the 28th of August, 2018. This article will unveil the rules and regulations for the contest, what is permissible for submission and how participants can submit entries.

The Rules And Regulations

  • For the Phantasma Art/Illustration Competition
  • Participants are free to utilise the new Phantasma logo. All entries should  a creative and positive reflection of the Phantasma Chain.
  • Participants that are involved in any fraudulent endeavors will be permanently restricted from taking part in any future Phantasma competition. Some of the fraudulent endeavors that will not be permitted include utilising content that has been copyrighted, copying the artwork of other participants, engaging in suspicious social media (Twitter)activities activities (i.e. fraudulent “Retweets” and “Likes”).
  • As a participant you will be required to include in your Twitter post the hashtag (#PhantasmaChain).
  • All participants are expected to submit clean content which is an art/illustration without any strong language, reference to nudity, violence, discriminatory language, sexuality, mental or physical abuse.
  • It is possible to submit a number of entries.
  • The quality, quantity and originality of entries are very important.

There are 4 stages in the Phantasma Art/Illustration Competition and these are as follows;

Stage 0 (14th to 18th August, 2018):

In stage 0 participants have only 4 days in which to come up with an original and highly creative art/illustration and the 4 days start counting from the 14th of August (11:59 am UTC) up until the 18th of August, 2018 (11:59 am UTC).

Stage 1 (18th to 21st August, 2018):

From the 18th to the 21st of August, 2018 (11:59 am UTC), stage 1 of the Phantasma Art/Illustration Competition will be in full flow. Participants would be required to post their art/illustration content on their respective Twitter profile whilst also submitting their entries using the Google form. Note that if any content is posted on Twitter before the 18th of August, that entry will become ineligible and the voting will be as follows;

  • Likes on twitter for an art/illustration content will earn 25% votes.
  • Retweets of an art/illustration posted on Twitter will gain 25% votes as well.
  • Votes from the Phantasma team is rated at 50%.

By the 18th of August, 2018 (Saturday) Phantasma will provide the Google Form Link for participants to submit their entries. You can be sure to get the link right here when it is available.

Stage 2 (21st to 25th August, 2018):

Stage 2 begins from the 21st and ends on the 25th of August, 2018 (11:59 am UTC). According to Phantasma, a total of 10 submitted entries will make it to the finals of the competition. It is at stage 2 that the Phantasma team will select the best 10 submitted entries and then post them on the official Twitter profile of Phantasma Chain for community voting to determine the best 3 entries.

Stage 3 (25th to 28th August, 2018):

Stage 3 will run from the 25th to the 28th (11:59 am UTC) of August, 2018 and involves community voting via the official Twitter account of Phantasma Chain. The votes are rates as follows;

  • Twitter Likes are valued at 25%.
  • Retweets will earn 50% of votes.
  • Comments will be valued at 25%. You should note that only quality comments will earn participants votes (i.e. voting for the 10 best submitted entries in order to derived the top 3).

Phantasma will announce winners via their social media channels and the best 3 entries will earn the following SOUL rewards on the 28th of August, 2018.

  • 1st Place – 5,000 SOUL.
  • 2nd Place – 3,000 SOUL.
  • 3rd Place – 2,000 SOUL.

The Best 5 Phantasma Stickers Announced

Finally, Phantasma has selected through community voting the best five stickers from its sticker contest. Phantasma stated that the Phantasma Bot will send out messages to the winners to confirm their respective NEO address that was submitted with their sticker entries. You can view the five winning stickers below;

1st Place

Phantasma Stickers-Neo for Beginners

Phantasma Stickers-Neo for Beginners

2nd Place

Phantasma Stickers-Neo for Beginners

Phantasma Stickers-Neo for Beginners

3rd Place

Phantasma Stickers-Neo for Beginners

Phantasma Stickers-Neo for Beginners

4th Place

Phantasma Stickers-Neo for Beginners

Phantasma Stickers-Neo for Beginners

5th Place

Phantasma Stickers-Neo for Beginners

Phantasma Stickers-Neo for Beginners

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