17 August 2018

Trinity Protocol Updates Community On Project Details And Holds Q&A!

On August 16th the Trinity Protocol Community received a progress update from the Trinity team. Founder David Li, also answered some questions that were lingering in the minds of the Trinity fans. We’ll have a look at some of the main takeaways of the progress report and Telegram Q&A session.

About Trinity Protocol and the need for blockchain scaling solutions

The Trinity Protocol is focused on developing the required scaling solutions for blockchain. In particular, Trinity uses State Channel Technology to create their off-chain scaling solution for public distributed ledgers. Trinity is working on a universal off-chain scaling solution which enables decentralized applications to run all the ‘non-core’ business logic on these off-chain servers. Only the end state is being broadcasted to the public blockchain ensuring security and truthfulness.

A simple example hereof can be found in the gaming industry. Every jump, twist, turn, and so on of a ‘game character’ signifies a part of such ‘business logic’. When considering the current low transaction throughput of public blockchains, it immediately becomes clear that such business logic is far too trivial to be recorded on the public blockchain. Aside from the high-cost per transaction, there is another issue that lies at the core of this problem and it is called ‘latency’! The time for blocks to form is simply too high when considering these type of applications. Now, we are getting closer to see some of these second layer scaling solutions in action. Trinity, for example, is actively working with Decentraland and World Of Blockchain to start proving its scaling solution works.

Trinity Protocol Telegram Q&A Takeaways

While the Q&A did not reveal any big surprises, we did as always find a completely honest founder disclosing what’s truly on his mind.

Previously we discussed here on Neonbeginner that Trinity shifted from being an ‘NEO blockchain’ exclusive scaling solution into a ‘blockchain agnostic’ universal scaling solution. Growth for Trinity is being expected in the first place from their solution for the Ethereum blockchain. David also disclosed that he thinks Zillica’s development has slowed and they are not planning integration for now. The Trinity CEO also indicated that he was still bullish on NEO and confident that NEO will come back strong one day!

I’ll leave the following ‘question and answer’ speak for itself as it perfectly summarizes the state of affairs:

Q: How are you feeling about Trinity and the progress you’ve made to date? Do you feel you’re up to speed, or ahead of schedule? Is there any insight you can give us into phase 2 of development?

We are delivering a lot more than what we promised back in January of Q1 2018. Now we are on (well, soon in 1 month) 2 Mainnets — with a bunch of user friendly tools and demos. Like I said to people recently in private, and now I can say that here, that we have pretty much concluded the main development of Trinity as an off chain state channel network. The rest from here on out is just improvements and smoothing out the user experience, GUI, and how the application works. “Improvement and Application” will be one of the leading directions of our work for the coming year, along with our Stage II development plan, which will remain confidential for a quite some time.

The Q&A furthermore also quickly touched on the current ‘gaming’ partnerships and briefly discussed the introduction of a stable coin. According to David, the cooperation and development with Decentraland are “going smooth”. He also disclosed that while he was confident they would find a solution, the developers of World Of Blockchain (WOB) were running into some issues.

Highlights of the Trinity progress update

In general, the overall tone of the project status is that the scaling solutions for NEO and Ethereum are ready. While there will still be some tweaking, it seems that the focus is now more and more shifting towards implementation.  We also draw attention to the fact that Trinity has started to expand the research of the possibilities of off-chain scaling, and is actively working on a stable coin integration. Due to the current market conditions and budget restraints, Trinity will not be expanding on its marketing activities any time soon.

Trinity Roadmap

Trinity Roadmap


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