21 August 2018

First Batch Of nOS Powered dApps Are Aiming For Mainstream Adoption!

Last week, on August 15th, we shared our favorable views about nOS with the community in an article discussing the nOS project. nOS is introducing their vision for an open and transparent internet. We can now report that Founder Dean Van Dugteren recently released the top 15 applications that are currently running on the nOS testnet in random order. Time to have a first acquaintance with some of these decentralized applications and further support the project.

nOS Open Internet

In a world where centralization and closed backends of commonly used services have led to abuses of all kinds, we can only be excited to see the birth of an open source and decentralized alternative. If you’d like to learn more about those common abuses and the nOS vision, we recommend you to have a look at the article we wrote last week discussing the roots of the nOS vision of an open and transparent internet.

Developer Community and mainstream adoption

nOS is working hard at creating the building blocks of this new era for an open internet. Now, it is no secret that for any ecosystem to survive, adoption is key. First of all, it starts with creating a vibrant developer community and it seems that nOS is gaining traction in this regard. Over 65 dApps are currently testing the light of day on the nOS testnet.

nOS has taken the approach of creating, easy-to-use developer tools and solutions allowing developers to start building nOS powered decentralized applications with ease. On top of that, remember that the nOS developer community is based on an open source collaborative mindset, so plenty of opportunities for you to get started. Interested developers can check the nOS Github to get started with the latest ‘Create nOS dAPP Starter Kit’ documentation and find much of the developer community ‘hanging out’ on the nOS discord channel.

Some of the featured nOS-powered Decentralized Applications

With Voteo (nos://voteo.neo), polls and quizzes become completely transparent. While the current version does only cover the basic functions and KYC implementation is not yet not covered, it is without a doubt one of the most needed decentralized applications as it could save the idea of ‘true democracy’ over time.

Voteo - nOS

Voteo – nOS

In the same class of dApps you’ll also find nOSVote (nos://nos-vote.neo)!

nOS Vote

nOS Vote

Communities need places to share their ideas and Post.neo (nos://posts.neo) would like to be that place for the nOS powered community. We just need to take a look at Reddit to understand that forums are very much alive! So, definitely, an interesting application if you love censorship resistance!

Asif Raza is the brain behind SmartT (nos://smartt.neo), a decentralized ticketing platform. Needless to say that purchasing event tickets with cryptocurrency sounds very appealing and with the nOS ‘Gas’ ecosystem where you actually buy anything for GAS, without having to hold a specific dAPP token it seems like another winner in a vibrant ecosystem.

SmartT -nOS

SmartT -nOS

Since the dawn of times, people have traded goods and services, so NEO SHOP (nos://neoshop.neo), is obviously tapping into this. Getting paid in GAS for the offered goods might make you want to check the garage if you have anything to sell!



If you are increasingly worried that some popular chat services might be compromised, NEO Chat (nos://nos-swap.neo) could potentially ease your mind as it is completely decentralized and is working on adding end-to-end encryption very soon!



Now, keeping things real, many of these applications will only flourish if they are able to engage with enough users and can tap into a real market demand within the ecosystem. We can imagine that the nOS ecosystem will first be ruled by developers and here we’d like to highlight one dAPP that really addresses an immediate need, namely AskDEV (://askdev.neo). AskDev is a developer Q&A Portal for nOS-related development questions. Sounds like the right idea at the right time!

AskDEV - nOS

AskDEV – nOS

In closing

In this article, we did not cover all of the listed applications but you’ll find that you might want to play around with ‘RockPaperScissors Game’ (nos://rsp.neo), hold your own betting session with Bet Manager  (nos://bet-manager.neo), swap your NEO for Ethereum through nOS Swap (nos://nos-swap.neo) and more!

You are invited to check out these and other nOS powered dAPPS on the nOS testnet for yourself and/or read about them in the original nOS Medium publication. Remember that the nOS community can look forward to the nOS TGE (Token Generation Event) this quarter and mainnet launch in 2019! We’ll keep you updated here at Neonbeginner.com!

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