26 August 2018

NEO Smart Contract Framework -.Neo-storm v1.0.0 Launched By CoZ

The neo-storm v1.0.0 is a NEO Smart Contract framework which enables developers of decentralised applications (dApps) to have their codes written in Golang and in effect joins NEO’s ever expanding series of compilers. The NEO Virtual Machine or NeoVM bytecode is where the Go Smart Contracts will be compiled to and once they are compiled to the NeoVM they can be deployed directly to NEO blockchain.

CoZ Creates neo-storm Project

Anthony De Meulemeester of City of Zion (CoZ) created the neo-storm project. Jeroen Peeters was also given credit by Anthony for his contribution towards the success of the neo-storm project. Anthony is reputed for creating neo-go and with his pragmatic use of HoneyBadgerBFT consensus mechanism, he was able to win the CoZ consensus bounty.

You can reach both Anthony De Meulemeester and Jeroen Peeters on Discord. To reach Anthony go to (@anthdm on NEO Discord) and to reach Jeroen go to (@DrPpr on NEO Discord).

Other neo-storm Smart Contract Framework Tools

While neo-storm smart contract framework enables the Golang to NeoVM bytecode compiler, this is not the only useful tool that it offers. The other series of tools that the neo-storm smart contract provides include:

   –  The Smart Contract Debugger

   –  The NEO Virtual Machine.

   –  A private network for smart contracts to be quickly deployed and tested.

   –  A tool for the deployment of smart contracts under a production setting.

It must be mentioned at this point that subsequent versions of the neo-storm that will be launched will have more tools and that includes the development of a “package manager” which will enable developers to design and develop reusable modules.

With the modules, developers of decentralised applications (dApps) can utilise the available trusted functionality within the modules to develop dApps instead of wasting valuable time developing dApps from the scratch.

The first version of neo-storm smart contract was released on the 23rd of August, 2018 and you can download this version right here. If you are willing to contribute to the project, you can peruse the guidelines by clicking on this link here.

NEO Blockchain Open Course Update

Finally, on the 24th of August, 2018 the second phase of the much anticipated NEO Blockchain Open Course series was held with great success. According to a Twitter Post by NEO as seen below, NEO thinsdk was introduced by NEL developers and the NEO transaction code was thoroughly analysed. As you may already know, the NEO Blockchain Open Course series is design to educate dApp developers on how they can develop dApps on NEO.

Developed dApps on NEO- Neo for Beginners

Developed dApps on NEO- Neo for Beginners

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