13 September 2018

NEO Launches Creative Design Competition

Express Yourself!

On the 12th of September, 2018 (Wednesday), NEO officially launched its Creative Design Competition. In a Twitter Post made out on the same day at 11:00 am, NEO informed members of the community with exceptional talent to join in either the NEO website design or NEO icon design categories and stand a chance of winning out of a total prize of $30,000 awarded in GAS. This article will give you an insight into the submission schedule, awards and requirements for the NEO Creative Design Competition.

Creative Design Competition-Neo for Beginners

Creative Design Competition-Neo for Beginners

Understanding The Two Competition Categories

NEO Creative Design Competition comes in two formal categories as aforementioned and these are;

  1. NEO website design.
  2. NEO icon design.

It is expected that whichever category a contestant chooses, they should ensure that their submission is based on the “NEO Smart Economy” theme which is the fulcrum on which the NEO Creative Design Competition is hinged on.

1. NEO Website Design Category

By choosing the NEO website design category it is expected that participants recognise that the NEO official website is visited each day by different types of individuals and enterprises wishing to learn more about the NEO project and hoping to utilise the various resources available on the site. It is expected that their entries encapsulates the NEO Smart Economy theme while ensuring a user friendly, interactive interface that meets the demands of various user groups.  

2. NEO Icon Design Category

It is no secret that overtime NEO has designed an assortment of concepts, each playing a crucial role in the state of growth and development of the NEO ecosystem. Some of these concepts include NeoVM, NeoContract and NEOGAS which are already a part and parcel of the NEO ecosystem with others like NeoQS, NeoX and NeoFS currently in their developmental stage.

However, the NEO icon design category would require contestants to come up with ingenious “icons” which essentially define both the functionality as well as utility of the NEO concepts highlighted. Contestants would be expected to design a minimum of five (5) out of nine (9) available concepts. Their designs should be indicative of both the roles and features of the concepts with users immediately knowing what an icon represents at first glance.

The nine (9) concepts include;

  1. NEOAsset
  2. NEOContract
  3. NEODevPack
  4. NEOGas
  5. NEOFS
  6. NEOID
  7. NEOQS
  8. NEOVM
  9. NEOX

Participants can check out the NEO Whitepaper for more information on each of the nine NEO concepts highlighted above.

Details Of The NEO Creative Design Competition

Submission Details:

  • Entries for either the NEO website design or NEO icon design can be submitted between the 12th of September and the 14th of October, 2018.
  • Submissions should be sent via email and the email should be labeled as; “Category – Title of Participants work – Name of Individual or Team”

Period For Review:

  • All submitted entries for both categories will be reviewed between the 15th and 21st of October, 2018.  

Announcement Of Results:

  • Results will be announced on the 22nd of October, 2018.

Award Information:

  • The nominee award will be picked every week and this will commence from week two (2) of the submission schedule stated above. A single entry will be picked from all entries submitted by a participant and on the week (i.e. on Sunday at 23:59) before. Five winning entries each for the NEO website and NEO icon design categories will be rewarded with the nominee award. The winners of the nominee award would be made known to the general public on Thursday and the GAS reward granted them will be at the rate seen on the CoinMarketCap.com site on the day the nominee award winners are announced and as at 12:00pm (GMT+8) on that day. Furthermore, winners of the nominee award would also be in line to win other awards.
  • The total prize money of the NEO Creative Design Competition as mentioned earlier is $30,000 USD which will be paid to winners in GAS. The winners of the first three (i.e. 1st, 2nd and 3rd) places will be rewarded with USD awards made out in GAS at a prevailing rate as at the 22nd of October, 2018 at 12:00pm (GMT+8) and as seen on the CoinMarketCap.com site.


1st Place (One winner for each competition category)

  • The NEO website design 1st place winner receives 40,000 RMB made out in GAS.
  • The NEO icon design 1st place winner will be given 30,000 RMB paid in GAS.

2nd Place (Two winners for each competition category)

  • For the NEO website design, a 2nd place finish will see 20,000 RMB made out in GAS and awarded to two winners each.
  • The NEO icon design 2nd place winners will earn 15,000 RMB each paid in GAS.

3rd Place (Three winners for each competition category)

  • 3rd place winners of the NEO website design category will receive 10,000 RMB each in GAS.
  • For the NEO icon design category, 3rd place winners will earn 7,000 RMB each and made out in GAS.

Nominee Award Prize (Five winners for each category)

  • Winners of the nominee award for either the NEO website or NEO icon design will earn 1,000 RMB each and paid out in GAS.

Entry Requirements:

Some of the entry requirements include;

  • All submitted entries should be well designed. They should be aesthetic, creative and above all original.
  • Every entry should reflect the theme (i.e. NEO SMART Economy) of the competition.
  • All designs should be made to be compatible with blockchain technology.
  • Contestants have creative freedom and can make use of whatever design resources and tools they are comfortable with. However, all entries should be submitted using RGB mode and in either of the following (.JPEG, .JPG or .PNG) formats.
  • Layers or elements such as hover states or menus should be submitted along with the images. However, the total size of the file should be equal to or less than 20 MB.
  • All entries should be supplied submitted along with a summary of the design concept.
  • Every submitted design should be devoid of any personal information like the name of the contestant, a logo, acronym or symbol that may be indicative of the identity of the contestant.

If you want more information about the NEO Creative Design Competition, you can check out the official competition website right here.

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