13 September 2018

QLC Chain Unveils Private Communication Service At Consensus Singapore Event

At the Consensus Singapore event, the developer community of QLC Chain officially introduced the QLC Chain Private Communication Service which is powered by blockchain technology. The QLC Chain Private Communication Service was developed by the QLC Chain Developer Community in order to meet the growing demand for secure communication by both the crypto and non-crypto world.

Components Of The QLC Chain Private Communication Service

Now for the QLC Chain Private Communication Service there are four main components that include;

–  A Messenger App.

–  A blockchain powered Router.

–  A Pretty Private Messenger or PPM.

–  A Pretty Private Router or PPR.

With the blockchain powered Router, users can engage in really private and untraceable communication within a peer-to-peer (P2P) network. According to QLC Chain, their Private Communication Service is probably the safest, most reliable and secure form of communication that is currently available anywhere in the world.

Secure Your Online Data Today

In this day and age the online data transmitted by individuals and enterprises are really not as secure as most people may think. As a matter of fact, online messages are exposed to third party retrieval. What this means is that intermediaries such as vendors of devices, Internet service providers and even telecom service providers are capable of having access to online messages of both enterprises and individuals. This increases the chances of the private or business-related data being carelessly mishandled by the intermediaries or even more troubling, the data could be retrieved and fraudulently misused by hackers.

Everyone today is a potential victim of hackers and everyone can have their private or business data stolen by hackers which can be both frightening and devastating. With the QLC Chain Private Communication Service, individuals and enterprises will have their data completely secured and protected from third party access.

The QLC Chain Private Communication Service is driven by blockchain technology with the private based routers able to establish a highly secure P2P network where users can send and receive online data, files or messages that are fully encrypted and can only be accessed by both the sender and recipient.

With this communication service, data gets to the router and then gets encrypted as well as stored with the use of the blockchain public key of users. There is no risk of user files, data or messages being handled and used by any third party without authorisation especially during the transfer of the data, file or message from the sender to the recipient.  

What Makes QLC Chain Private Communication Service So Special

  • Users of the Pretty Private Messenger (PPM) of the QLC Chain Private Communication Service have a secure method to login and only need their blockchain public keys to make use of the service. On the otherhand the Pretty Private Routers (PPRs) are identified by their respective peer-to-peer (P2P) identifications. What’s more, private data is never stored or utilised during the entire process.
  • The transfer of data, messages or files is made on a highly secure peer-to-peer (P2P) network channel. There is no need for application service providers or cloud mode storage. Intermediaries and third parties cannot have access to your messages, data or files and they are also fully encrypted for extra security and to prevent any interception by dubious individuals.
  • As mentioned above, every data that is stored is fully encrypted. The files, messages or data are encrypted (with the use of local keys) before being transmitted.
  • It is not possible for messages to be copied while the App is being utilised. Furthermore, as the App is fully operational screenshots cannot be taken. The disabling of screenshots will further help to ensure the security of user data.
  • It is possible for messages to be retracted on a permanent basis. Every single copy of the message is taken off every single server and completely wiped off.
  • Those messages that have been shared between parties can only be retrieved upon the express agreement of the parties concerned. A full message thread will only be viewed when there is a consensus by all the parties involved.  
  • The Router Rom is blockchain registered in order to ensure both its “exclusive ownership” and “immutability”. So in a situation where the router is destroyed, missing or even stolen, the data will still remain secure as the data owner is the only one that can gain access to the data as well as utilise it.

QLC Chain Private Communication Service Presale Offer

Participants of the Consensus Singapore event will be entitled to a discount of 20%. With a $100 USD deposit, participants can gain access to their App and Router today. QLC Chain hopes to deliver all service items (i.e. the App and Router) by the end of 2018. By visiting the QLC Chain Booth BC 103 at the Consensus Singapore event, participants can tap into the presale offer and start enjoying a seamless, secure communication service.

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