14 September 2018

Alchemint TestNet Is now Live

SEA Wallet, O3 Wallet And NGD Invited To Test-run Platform

The much awaited Alchemint TestNet has been launched and the stablecoin issuing company has invited big wigs in the blockchain industry to test-run the platform. Some of the people invited include representatives from SEA Wallet, NEO Global Development (NGD) and O3 Wallet.

It is expected that these invited individuals will provide valuable feedback that would go a long way in ensuring that the platform is tweaked, modified and upgraded accordingly. Alchemint has also said that the Alchemint TestNet will be made accessible to the general public in October, 2018.

Alchemint TestNet-Neo for Beginners

Alchemint TestNet-Neo for Beginners

Key Functions Of The Alchemint TestNet

It must be mentioned at this point that the newly launched TestNet version of the Alchemint platform comes with three (3) key functionalities, namely;

  1. The SAR-B function,
  2. the SAR-C function and
  3. the Wallet function.

It is the desire of Alchemint to ensure that users of their platform are able to have an all encompassing system with useful resources provided under a single structure. That is why the three (3) key functionalities mentioned above are available within the Alchemint platform. The key functions will allow users of the Alchemint platform do the following;

  • The key functions will allow users to check their available balances.
  • Users will also be able to conduct various transactions under the Alchemint platform.
  • The Alchemint platform will allow users to be able to issue out SDUSD with collateralized assets.
  • Users will be able to deposit SDS which will be used in issuing stablecoin.

Furthermore, the risk management functionality of the Alchemint TestNet is fully upgraded to provide adequate resistance against the problem of “Black Swan” (a term by Nicholas Taleb which describes the occurrence of an unlikely event which has grave consequences).

Alchemint Reaches BDC Final

Blockchain Stable Economic Model Design Competition-Neo for Beginners

Blockchain Stable Economic Model Design Competition-Neo for Beginners

You should also know that Alchemint took part in the “Blockchain Stable Economic Model Design Competition” that was held on the 25th of August, 2018 in Beijing, China. This international competition was jointly organised and hosted by the Changan Club Young Leader Program, the Qinghe Asset Management Company and the Tsinghua Wudaokou Blockchain Club.

The competition was attended by a number of prominent personalities, some of the guests that graced the BDC competition included;

  • Professor Chen Zhong of the Peking University Blockchain Laboratory,
  • Professor Liu Xiaolei of the Blockchain Lab of Guanghua District of Peking University,
  • the Dean of the Huobi Institute, Yuan Yuming and
  • Lin Xiaoyu of the Fast Chain Planet.

The BDC featured as many as ten (10) blockchain teams including; the Wangtong and MakerDao teams. Qi Feng the CTO of Alchemint was also present and represented the Alchemint team at the competition. Alchemint was one of two teams that reached the finals of the “Blockchain Stable Economic Model Design Competition”. The other finalist of BDC is MakerDao and the final of the “Blockchain Stable Economic Model Design Competition” is scheduled to take place in South Korea sometime in the last quarter of 2018.

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