15 September 2018

Countdown To The Spotcoin ICO

The much anticipated Spotcoin ICO is barely six (6) weeks from now. To this end, Spotcoin has deemed it fit to remind and sensitise the blockchain community on what to expect. This article highlights some key FAQs and valuable details with regards to the Spotcoin ICO, happy reading!

1. When exactly is the Spotcoin ICO kicking off?

The Spotcoin ICO is scheduled for the 22nd of October, 2018 (Monday) at 6:00 pm (UTC+4). The ICO will last for five (5) days and closes on the 27th of October, 2018 (Saturday) at 6:00 pm (UTC+4).

2. What is in store for potential investors?

With the Spotcoin ICO, investors would be able to earn dividends on a weekly basis by tapping into about 51 percent (%) of exchange fees. Furthermore, investors would be able to earn dividends on a quarterly basis from about 12 percent (%) of Spotcoin net profits (i.e. profits derived from their four business platforms). It must be said that the SPOT token offers investors one of the best exchange dividends currently available in the market.

3. When is the Whitelist period scheduled to open?

The Whitelist will enable the Spotcoin ICO to operate seamlessly, that also is despite stringent KYC compliance regulations and participation by a huge number of SPOT investors. It is expected that the Whitelist schedule commences from the 8th of October, 2018 (Monday) at 6:00 pm (UTC+4).

4. Are there partners working with Spotcoin?

According to Spotcoin, they have engaged the services of two companies to help with KYC/AML compliance and their adherence with other relevant regulations. The first partner is “Juscutum” which will assist Spotcoin is complying with every regulation there is and the second is “Sum & Substance” which will help to validate KYC/AML.

5. What will the funds from the Spotcoin ICO be used for?

The funds that are raised from the Spotcoin ICO will be invested into the development and implementation of the four business platforms of Spotcoin. These business platforms/lines include; their digital asset exchange, their OTC marketplace, mining and Spotpay.

ICO Details

You should also know that the price of SPOT (i.e. the native token of Spotcoin) at the ICO would be $0.50 USD. There is a minimum amount of SPOT that must be bought by investors and this amount is 50 SPOT which means that the minimum expected investment per investor is $25 USD (i.e. 50 SPOT).

However, the maximum amount of SPOT token that can be purchased by an investor during the SPOT public sale would be 1,000,000 SPOT tokens which is equivalent to $500,000 USD. There will be a total of 50,000,000 SPOT tokens made available by Spotcoin for the SPOT token public sale.

Finally, there are some countries (i.e. including both citizens and residents) that have been restricted from participating in the Spotcoin ICO. These countries include the following; China, U.S.A, South Korea, Iran and Singapore.

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