06 October 2018

O3 Leaves Beta With Launch Of Desktop v1.0.0 App

With the recent launch of the O3 Desktop v1.0.0 app, O3 has now officially moved on from the beta. The O3 Desktop v1.0.0 app is fully loaded with similar features as that found in their earlier released Android and iOS mobile apps.

You can switch between using the O3 mobile app and O3 Desktop v1.0.0 in a seamless way. When you are in the comfort of your home  you can make use of the Desktop app and when you have to go out your mobile app would come in handy.

Some Features Of The O3 Desktop v1.0.0 App

Below are highlights of some features that are available on the O3 Desktop v1.0.0 app.

  • Users can store up NEP-5 cryptocurrencies, ONT and NEO.
  • All the digital assets on both the Ontology and NEO blockchain can also be stored.
  • You can claim both ONG and GAS rewards.
  • As O3 is the “gateway to the Smart Economy”, you will be provided with a live news feed to keep you updated on current news items relating to the Smart Economy.
  • You can actively take part in decentralised live trading of your respective digital assets.
  • Your cryptocurrency portfolio can be closely monitored on the O3 Desktop v1.0.0 app and this is also done in real-time.
  • On the O3 Desktop v1.0.0 app there is “The Marketplace” where the O3 decentralised application (dApp) platform can be accessed and just like the mobile apps (i.e. iOS and Android) Switcheo is the first dApp that can be accessed. The Neo Name Service or NNS by NEL is the next dApp that will be made available in “The Marketplace”.
  • The O3 Desktop v1.0.0 comes with a “Login with O3” functionality that allows you to automatically login to Switcheo using your O3 wallet and carry out trading activities without the need for your private key detail.
  • The user interface of the desktop app is simple and user friendly which is great for both experienced and novice crypto users alike.
  • The O3 Desktop v1.0.0 app comes with the “Dark Mode” similar to its mobile app cousins. This feature is quite popular amongst O3 mobile app users.
  • The desktop app comes with quite a few settings such as the screen setting which allows you to resize and adjust your display screen accordingly.
  • There are two “Luna” user interactive robots available to guide you through the desktop app. You have a white and a black coloured Luna to interact with, the choice is yours!  
  • The desktop app comes with an address book which can also be synchronised with other sources of contact details.
  • Users can easily set up or add a wallet with ledger.
  • You can have wallets imported to O3 from the Ontology OWallet with the use of a “.dat file”.
  • The O3 Desktop v1.0.0 allows you to conveniently manage your digital assets right from the comfort of your home or office in a safe and secure way.

Finally, O3 is already working on further improving both their mobile and desktop app, for example they intend including a “native trading interface” function to the apps. If you want to download the O3 Desktop v1.0.0 app, you can do so by clicking on any of the links below, depending on your preference. 

Linux Direct Download

Windows Direct Download

OSX Direct Download

Download on the Apple Store

Get it on Windows 10

(Links courtesy: O3 Network)

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