08 October 2018

Announcement: Aphelion Releases Schedule For Launch Of MainNet DEX

Aphelion has just recently announced that they would be migrating their contract to MainNet this week. The launch of the Aphelion MainNet DEX has been scheduled for the 10th of October, 2018 (Wednesday) at 10:00 PST.

What Is The Aphelion MainNet DEX All About?

The Aphelion MainNet DEX is actually an Aphelion wallet with an integrated decentralised exchange or DEX which was built by Aphelion to make digital asset trading so much easier. The MainNet DEX takes into consideration the need for user convenience, transaction speed, a high level of security and low trading costs.

With the launch of the Aphelion MainNet DEX, users will be provided with a very secure, safe, speedy and comparatively inexpensive digital asset exchange. What’s more, the in-built wallet functionality allows users to trade their cryptos directly from their Aphelion wallet without having to disclose their private key details over the internet, which is a pretty unsafe thing to do.

Digital assets are stored in the wallet and kept safe unlike other exchanges where cryptos are store on the exchange itself which can be susceptible to cyber attacks by cyber criminals such as hackers who can compromise the exchange and cause you to lose your valuable digital assets (pretty bad!). The Aphelion MainNet DEX will offer a cost effective, decentralised, P2P and seamless cryptocurrency trading experience to users on a global scale.

Important Notes:

Desktop Version For Now

  • The Aphelion MainNet DEX is billed for release initially for Desktop use. The Web and mobile versions will be released at a subsequent date (you can be sure that NEO for beginners will keep you updated on the Web and Mobile version launch when available).

12 Trading Pairs Available

  • The Aphelion MainNet DEX will be launched with a total of 12 trading pairs available and the pairing will include Aphelion’s APH token pairing with UTXO assets (i.e. NEO and GAS) as well as NEP-5 cryptocurrencies.

No Fees Required

  • Whenever you purchase APH tokens when using the Aphelion MainNet DEX app, you will NOT be required to pay a transaction fee. Furthermore, both “post only orders” and “market making trades” will be completely free of any charge or fees. However, “taker order matches” would attract a minimal APH token fee.

Volume Discount Available

  • Users of the Aphelion MainNet DEX that engage in high cryptocurrency trading will earn clear transaction/trading fee discounts. The higher the trading volume, the higher the transaction/trading fee discount will be.

Fee Redistribution

  • A significant amount (i.e. 80%) of the Aphelion MainNet DEX fees collected will be redistributed. The Aphelion community will be beneficiaries of the 80% redistributed fees. Holders of APH tokens will be able to commit as well as share in the redistributed fees as the “Commit, Compound & Claim” functionalities will be fully operational.

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