08 October 2018

Highlights Of Asura World Activity Report For September

Asura World the first ever independent eSports ecosystem driven by Asura Coin (a NEP-5 cryptocurrency) and powered by NEO blockchain technology has just recently released their progress report for the month of September, 2018.

Incidentally the September Progress report comes two months after the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of Asura World concluded in the month of July. This article simply highlights some of the main talking points of the report such as an update on the exchanges that Asura Coin (ASA) can now be traded on and a review of the “NEO Assembly” held in Tbilisi, Georgia.

ASA Now Available On LATOKEN

Asura Coin (ASA) is now available for trade on LAToken Exchange . LAToken Exchange is regarded as one of the best 50 digital asset exchanges in the planet. What’s more, LAToken has a daily trading volume in excess of $18 million making it one of the faster growing exchanges around.

LAToken Exchange currently has over 90 trading pairs and with ASA now being traded on the exchange, it adds to the many new trading pairs that are included on the exchange every week. For any holder of ASA wishing to trade on the exchange, they can be rest assured that they can engage in the trading of their cryptocurrencies under a simple, user friendly and highly interactive interface. The trading pairs for ASA on LAToken Exchange are ASA/ETH and ASA/BTC. Asura Coin is also listed on Bilaxy with an ASA/ETH pairing.

Asura World Attends NEO Assembly In Georgia

The Spotcoin and NEO organised “NEO Assembly” was held in the last week of September at Tbilisi the capital of Georgia and Asura World was in attendance. The event afforded Asura World the opportunity of linking up with a variety of NEO blockchain powered projects and discuss the possibility of entering into strategic partnerships with them. The main theme of the “NEO Assembly” focused on how the NEO ecosystem can be enhanced. To this end, Asura World actively took part in meaningful discussions with leading experts of the crypto world at the groundbreaking  event.

Other Updates;

Roadmap Update

  • Asura World will update their Roadmap before the end of October. They intend providing a progress timeline that is very precise. The Roadmap can be viewed on the Asura Coin official website.

Asura World Let’s Go Of Developers

  • Asura World had to disengage the services of a large number of developers. The main reason behind the disengagement of the developers is the high cost of retaining them over an extended period of time due to the bear market. According to Asura World, retaining the developers over a long period of time was just not financially feasible.

Delay In Project(s) Launch

  • There has been a delay in the launch of a number of Asura World projects due to the disengagement of developers on the Asura World platform. These projects include; The Betting Beta and Asura World Community Center.

Finally, Asura World also announced that Jihye is now capable of accessing the core tournaments available in the League of Legends. With the partnership between Jihye and ESPN in full effect, users of Asura World will be able to get live coverage and the most current news items relating to tournaments like the League of Legends while on the platform.

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