09 October 2018

Highlights Of DeepBrain Chain’s Progress Report Tagged #27

The latest progress report from DeepBrain Chain provides an insight into the technological progress of the blockchain powered AI platform as well as its talent recruitment and marketing drive. If you are new to reading progress reports from DeepBrain Chain, you should know that their reports are usually released every fortnight. This new progress report is tagged #27 and key highlights of the report can be seen in this article beginning with the technological progress of DeepBrain Chain.

1. DeepBrain Chain’s Technological Progress

Some progress was made to the design of the network architecture (i.e. both the fragmentation and multi-chain architecture) as well as the DeepToken official website;

  • Development of a prototype for the EVM integration solution.
  • Analysis of the blockchain network design as well as the security protocol.
  • Development of the official website of DeepToken by the Shanghai team of DeepBrain Chain.
  • The R&D department of the Shanghai team also put a lot of effort in the modification and refinement of the v0.4 main chain design.
  • Analysis of the source code for the blockchain.
  • The DGP source code (executed by other similar technologies) was read and thoroughly analysed.

2. DeepBrain Chain Is Hiring!

In the DeepBrain Chain progress report #27 it was stated that they are in the process of hiring new staff. DeepBrain Chain is currently hiring security architects and development engineers amongst other open positions. If you submit your resume or the resumes of individuals that you highly recommend for the available positions to: erin@deepbrainchain.org, you will get a feedback in just under 48 hours.

What’s more, you can earn a 20,000 RMB prize if your recommended candidate is successfully employed by DeepBrain Chain. You are therefore advised to attach both the resume of your recommended candidate and the contact details of referee(s) when submitting your application.

3. The Marketing Drive Of DeepBrain Chain

Summary of the GDIS 2018 event;

  • The “Global Summit on Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain” took place on the 1st of October, 2018 in Silicon Valley, San Francisco; USA. DeepBrain Chain as well as DeepToken Exchange and VisionX (a DECO project) were all in attendance. The main theme of the event centered around the integration of AI with blockchain-based projects.


  • At the GDIS 2018 event, DeepBrain Chain represented by Dr. Dongyan Wang (CAO of DeepBrain Chain) received the “Innovation World Star Award”.

VisionX Live Demo

  • A live demo of VisionX was officially released and this video showcases the visual inspection capabilities of VisionX. The demo shows how VisionX can be a cost effective and precise visual inspection solution for a variety of real world industries.

4. The Global Ambassador Program

The DeepBrain Chain progress report #27 also provided a link for interested community members to sign up for their Global Ambassador Program. With this program, you can join the DeepBrain Chain team and help with guiding the project towards attaining its vision.

5. DeepBrain Chain Hires Sales VP

Finally, Johnny Ma has been recruited by DeepBrain Chain as their new Sales VP. The new Sales VP will be responsible for increasing the user base for the DeepBrain Chain AI Training Network. Johnny Ma’s responsibilities also includes increasing the number requesters as well as providers of computing power for the AI Training Network. It should be mentioned that Johnny Ma was formerly a staff of AMD. At this company, he was the Senior Channel Marketing Manager for more than a decade.

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