10 October 2018

The ZeepinChain Galaxy Node And Masternode Explained

You might be wondering what the Galaxy nodes of Zeepin Chain are all about and how they influence the blockchain. Well, for starters Zeepin Chain is one blockchain that relies heavily on the input from both its community and users. They reward community members that actively contribute to the growth of their platform.

One protocol that is fundamental to the blockchain and actually governs it, is the Galaxy Consensus. The Galaxy Consensus utilises fully independent Galaxy nodes that decide (through a democratic means) by voting, on all the activities taking place on the blockchain. The Galaxy nodes are responsible for verifying and authenticating all transactions on the blockchain.

Without the Galaxy nodes the blockchain would not function seamlessly. Furthermore, Galaxy nodes follow a democratic protocol in which they are elected for a variety of activities on the Zeepin Chain network by virtue of their respective contributions to the growth of the network. Generally, Galaxy nodes receive payment for all their efforts and work put into the network.

Masternodes Explained

The Masternodes are a vital component of the Zeepin Chain network. These nodes carry out predetermined functions. Masternodes verify and authenticate transactions, this is a no-brainer, but they also function to maintain the integrity, predictability and stability of the Zeepin Chain network. Masternodes are in essence very crucial to the overall operability of the network.

Apart from authenticating transactions, Masternodes boost the level of security and privacy of the blockchain while providing the direction that the network will follow in the immediate and distant future. With these nodes, users of the blockchain can obtain information instantly.

Masternodes are therefore very powerful in the scheme of things and this is reflected in their decision making capabilities on the network and as a result they earn just as much as they contribute to the Zeepin Chain network which is a far cry from what masternodes of other blockchain networks experience.

Functions Of The Galaxy Nodes

It must be said that the Galaxy Consensus will grow in relation with the Zeepin Chain network. The Galaxy nodes will be in a cluster comprising of 51 nodes with 42 being Candidate nodes while 9 are Consensus nodes. These nodes will carry out specific tasks that include;

  • Providing governance and voting decisions on the Zeepin Chain in order to further develop the network.
  • The nodes enhance the privacy of the exchange of digital asset, agreements and also transactions on the network.
  • The Galaxy nodes protect the network from the possibility of attacks.
  • The nodes ensure that blockchain transactions as well as settlements are made instantaneously.
  • Nodes ensure that the daily running of the network is stable and seamless.

Galaxy Nodes Are Incentivised

Zeepin Chain is committed to providing adequate incentives to Galaxy nodes for their valuable contributions to the network. First of all, Galaxy nodes will receive the income that is generated from every transaction made on the network. The distribution will see the Consensus nodes receiving 40% and the Candidate nodes earning 60% of the income.

Holders of ZPT can utilise their respective wallets to vote for those Galaxy nodes that they would like to see functioning on the Zeepin Chain network. With the decision of Galaxy nodes, these ZPT holders may receive rewards that are directly proportional to their respective contributions. This way everyone taking part in developing the network will be incentivised to collaborate with one another.

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