Exchanges & Price

  • Price $15.94 USD
  • Market Cap $1,035,967,389 USD
  • Volume (24h) $63,245,852 USD
  • Circulating Supply 65,000,000 NEO
  • Total Supply 100,000,000 NEO


Hash c56f33fc6ecfcd0c225c4ab356fee59390af8560be0e930faebe74a6daff7c9b
Type GoverningToken
Name NEO
Symbol NEO
Supply 100,000,000
Issued 100,000,000
Precision 0
Addresses 627,468
Transactions 7,849,623
Registered(m/d/Y, H:M:S) 07/15/2016, 8:38:21 pm

About NEO

NEO – Promoting A Smart Economy

NEO is set to promote the realisation of a distributed network “Smart Economy” by automating the management of cryptocurrency through the use of smart contracts. It is a community oriented, non-profit blockchain technology based project that utilises both digital identity and blockchain technology to digitize assets. The NEO token is a NEP-5 token that is indivisible and represents shares in NEO market. Holders of NEO have the right to vote in the NEO community and ecosystem. They also have the right to receive dividends in GAS. The first NEO crowdfunding witnessed the distribution of a total of 50 million NEO tokens.

NEO Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Details:

* The ICO Price: $0.1879436.

* The Total USD Raised: $3,758,871.

* Current Status: Completed.

Information On The NEO Team

* NEO Founder: Da Hongfei.

* NEO Founder Core Developer: Erik Zhang.

* Core Developer: Li Jianying.

* Senior R&D Manager: Malcolm.

* NEO Global Development Director: Johnson.

* NEO Overseas Community Operation: Fred Huang.

* Project Liaison: Nathan Chen.

* Secretary-General/NEO Council Secretariat: Tony Tao.