05 September 2018

Tutorial On How To Add TKY Token To Your NEON Wallet

Moving The Identity Verification Industry Forward

It is expected that by 2021 the growth of the Identity Verification Industry or IDV will reach 14 billion USD. Proving that the IDV industry is key to the way people and enterprises will interact in the 21st century.

Modern identification verification technologies like facial recognition and fingerprint scanning are now very common. Identification verification has become a routine practise in just about every transaction on the Internet or outside the web. Transactions such as payments for goods and services need some form of IDV.

However, IDV has its flaws such as identity theft and data security which has led to consumers losing billions of USD annually. With the help of blockchain technology, the THEKEY – Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) intends to provide an infallible and secure identification platform. THEKEY ecosystem will consist of basically three groups and they are;

1. The validators who are saddled with the responsibility of processing the identification verification request as well as creating IDV outcomes.

2. The service providers who are responsible for Initiating the IDV request.

3. Finally, individual users that represent the clients of service providers and are expect to give the go ahead to Validators who would then process every IDV request.

The TKY token is a NEP-5 token and it is used to facilitate the entire process stated above which constitute THEKEY smart contract.

Adding TKY Token To Your NEON Wallet

Neon Wallet 0.2.8


This is a tutorial on how to add TKY token to your NEON wallet in order to facilitate THEKEY smart contracts. Your first job will be to download the more modern version of NEON wallet which is the version 0.2.8. If you want to download this version you can do so here.

If you already have a version of the NEON wallet, you can equally upgrade it from the link provided. The link takes you to the website of NEO where you will see the new wallet version for download. Click on the “Download” button and you are transferred to Github where you can download the app on your PC. There are download options for Windows, Linux and MAC desktop computers.

Once the wallet has been installed on your desktop computer you can then proceed to add TKY token to it. To do so you start by going over to the NEON wallet Homepage.

1. Click the “Manage Neon Settings” button.


2. This takes you to the “Manage Tokens” area, click on the button as well.

3. Once that is done you are taken to the “Add a New Token” area to add your new token.

4. Next you need to click the “Add a New Token” button to showcase a drop-down menu. On this menu you will see tokens on your wallet. Click on an empty space on the menu to add the TKY token.

5. To add the TKY token you need to paste the ScriptHash on the empty space to save you time. The ScriptHash for TKY token is – “132947096727c84c7f9e076c90f08fec3bc17f18”.

6. Once you have entered the TKY token ScriptHash you should then click on the “Save” button.

7. Logout from your NEON wallet and then re-Login to view the new TKY token in your wallet.

To Sum Up

THEKEY is a NEO blockchain project that will bridge the gap between the offchain IDV technologies that are currently in use with a more promising onchain infrastructure. The Ebaonet Healthcare Information Technology was the world’s first IDV technology platform to try out an Internet oriented IDV network which was hinged on Dymanic Multi-dimension Identification Technology. The technology implemented at the time is what THEKEY has adopted, modified and provided for onchain application.

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