05 October 2018

Travala’s Q3 Milestones And Q4 Roadmap

Introduction It seems a lifetime ago since Concierge metamorphosed into Travala. Since the rebranding they

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17 September 2018

How To Add AVA Token To Your NEON Wallet v0.2.8

The AVA is a utility token for the Travala ecosystem and it fuels the backend

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16 August 2018

Hurry And Book Now! As Travala Booking Platform Offers Ne...

With the summer holidays now in full swing, it is about time for you to

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26 July 2018

Travala To Expand Marketplace With 80,000 Properties By A...

August Will Be A Busy Month For Travala August couldn’t come any sooner for users

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22 July 2018

Aphelion Announces The Airdrop Of COUP To APH Token Holders

APH Holders To Get COUP Tokens In Airdrop Aphelion is a NEO blockchain technology powered

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14 July 2018

Travala Alpha v2 To Be Launched Soon!

Travala has announced that on the 18th of July, 2018 (Wednesday), they will launch the

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20 June 2018

Travala And Thor Strike-Up Strategic Partnership Agreement

Travala and Thor have recently reached a cooperative agreement that really promises to be of

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17 June 2018

Interview With Matthew Luczynski Co-Founder Of Travala As...

Travala – Matthew Luczynski was recently interviewed and he was able to shed more light

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