11 October 2018

NNS Domain Name Mining Ends On October 23rd! – NNC ...

Neo Name Service (NNS)  launched the Neo Name Service Mainnet on October 9ht at 10:00

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10 October 2018

How To Start A NEO Domain Name Auction!

NNS has now officially launched the NEO domain name service. The long awaited .NEO era

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21 September 2018

NEL’s Launch Of NNS MainNet Is Just Around The Corner

Good News For The NNS Community This has got to be good news for everyone

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24 August 2018

NNS Telegram Sticker Competition Begins Today!

As part of the efforts of NEO Name Service (NNS) to bring their services closer

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19 August 2018

Introducing The NNS dApp System Architecture

Introduction It has now become common knowledge that decentralised applications (dApps) are basically programs that

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11 August 2018

NNS Now Integrated In SEA Wallet

Recently NNS and SEA wallet entered into a strategic agreement that culminates in the integration

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01 August 2018

CryptoGladiator To Be Airdropped In NNS Community

In the NEO Gaming Ecosystem, CryptoGladiator by NEL looks set to establish itself as the

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20 July 2018

NNS Releases Bi-Weekly Progress Report For July, 2018

Introduction The NNS bi-weekly progress report for July, 2018 has just been recently released. This

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