05 September 2018

Tutorial On How To Add TKY Token To Your NEON Wallet

Moving The Identity Verification Industry Forward It is expected that by 2021 the growth of

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02 August 2018

THEKEY TKY Token To Be Listed On LATOKEN Exchange Soon

TKY/LA And TKY/ETH Pairs Will Be Available On LATOKEN THEKEY recently announced that their TKY

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15 July 2018

THEKEY Fund Racing Plan Calls For Expression Of Interest

THEKEY is an identity verification (IDV) platform built on NEO blockchain technology and created to

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26 May 2018

THEKEY & Ken Huang Are Moving into the limelight!

On May 24th THEKEY announced on Medium that Ken Huang, President of the THEKEY project

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17 May 2018

THEKEY’s ‘BDMI Technology’ Is Ready For...

THEKEY project, proudly announced that they have finished development on their ‘Minimum Viable Product’ (MVP).

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12 May 2018

Dr. King of Blockchain Project THEKEY speaks of IDV Servi...

THEKEY is still a very little known blockchain project with a pilot project in place

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25 April 2018

THEKEY Progress Report AMA – First 3 Months

After successful completion of days after first Token Generation Event; a progress report has been

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21 April 2018


THEKEY – UNLOCK THE FUTURE When thinking of potential applications for our blockchain future, it

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