02 October 2018

Thor Launches Odin And Teams Up With Dwolla

In 2017, Thor was established as a blockchain driven gig economy platform that gives contractors

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30 September 2018

Tutorial On How To Add THOR Token To Your NEON Wallet v0.2.8

Thor For A Better GIG Smart Economy The GIG Economy is really on the rise

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19 July 2018

Thor Launches Mobile App And Makes Partnership Announcement

In an interview by Cryptobud, the CEO (David Chin) and CTO (Matt Moravec) of Thor

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04 July 2018

Thor Progress Report For June, 2018

The Evolution Of The GIG Economy Thor has made the progress report for the month

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20 June 2018

Travala And Thor Strike-Up Strategic Partnership Agreement

Travala and Thor have recently reached a cooperative agreement that really promises to be of

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30 April 2018

How Thor Wants To Fix The ‘GIG Economy’

The GIG Economy Is The Rave Of the Future If there is one thing that

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