06 August 2018

CEO Stephen Hyduchak Addresses The ‘Bridge Protocol...

Bridge Protocol’s CEO Stephen Hyduchak recently addressed the community in a video update discussing Bridge Protocol’s

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23 July 2018

Crypto Zombie Interview With Bridge Protocol’s Step...

On July 21st Crypto Zombie released an interview with Bridge Protocol’s CEO Stephen Hyduchak. Bridge

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30 June 2018

Bridge Protocol And Onfido Strike Up A Partnership

In their drive to greatly improve the present standards of a variety of industries and

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13 June 2018

Bridge Protocol Drops IAM For TOLL Tokens

Bridge Protocol has announced that its IAM tokens have been upgraded to TOLL tokens. This

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08 June 2018

Bridge Protocol’s Alex Guba – Bring Your Own Key

Bridge Protocol is coming out with its ‘Minimum Viable Product’ real soon. A perfect moment

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29 May 2018

Bridge Protocol CEO “TALK IS CHEAP”

Bridge Protocol CEO “TALK IS CHEAP” CEO Stephen Hyduchak was interviewed by Randall of the

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18 May 2018

Bridge Protocol (IAM): Two New Token Listings & Mobi...

Bridge Protocol (IAM): Two New Token Listings & Mobile UI Preview! Bridge Protocol (IAM), which is

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14 May 2018

Bridge Protocol Redefining Blockchain Identity Verificati...

Introduction There are quite a number of Identity Verification Systems or IDV and Initial Coin

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